About Us

Our Mission

Our students shall be academically prepared to fulfill their potential, self-assured, and motivated to excel.

Our Vision

 Educate the Whole Child.

School Song

Louise the school we love so true,
We sing our praises all to you,
Mighty hearts are all aflame,
Our fighting spirit will never tame.
Gold and Blue we’ll always love,
Our Hornet’s name will stand above,
Leading us through every year,
OL’ LHS we love so dear!

Hornet Fight Song (Football)

On you Hornets, On you Hornets,
Fight right through that line.
Take the ball right through the goal line,
Touch down sure each time…rah rah rah.
On you Hornets, On you Hornets
Fighting for your fame.
Let’s go boys and fight fight fight!
We’ll win this game!