What is "P-TECH"?

P-TECH is an acronym for Pathways in Technology Early College High School. In a P-TECH school, students earn a high school diploma, an industry recognized associate degree, and gain relevant work experience in a growing field.

A school is considered a P-TECH if it is designated from the Texas Education Agency, and they have industry partners that align with the campus pathways.

How does P-TECH work?

P-TECH is a partnership among K-12, higher education, and industry, each making long-term commitments and contributing their best expertise to provide students with rigorous and hands-on academic, technical, and workplace experiences.

The unique culture of a P-TECH school is built upon high expectations for students and a belief that all students can earn their college degree. Students see themselves as “college students” and are “on a career pathway” from the moment they begin 9th grade. The model integrates high school and college coursework, enabling students to begin college courses as soon as they are ready. Students also participate in a range of workplace opportunities that include mentoring, site visits, and internships — all designed to support students’ academic and professional growth. 

P-TECH Goals

  • Provide students grade 9 through 12 the opportunity to complete a course of study that combines high school and post-secondary courses.
  • Within six years, enable students to earn a high school diploma, an associate degree, a two-year post-secondary certificate or industry certification, and complete work-based training.
  • Allow students to gain work experience through an internship, apprenticeship, or other job training programs.
  • Partner with Texas Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) and regional businesses and industries, giving students access to post-secondary education and workforce training opportunities.
  • Regional workforce needs.
  • Course credit transfer policies between IHEs.
  • Internships, apprenticeships, and other work-based education programs for P-TECH students
  • Be provided at no cost to students.
  • Have open enrollment.
  • Include articulation agreements with IHEs in Texas.
  • Provide participating students flexibility in class scheduling and academic mentoring.
  • Ensure that agreements with business and industry partners emphasize that P-TECH students who complete the program will have priority in interviewing with the applicable employer.
  • Follow all requirements detailed in §29.556 in the TEC.


We invite you to explore this P-TECH toolkit created in partnership with Dallas College.

Visit the national P-TECH website for more information on the P-TECH Model.